Show Your Pride


First chapter starts tomorrow.

Hi friends.

Right now I am in capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur the ”pink city’. I am on continuos move in search of locations for exploring, from the day one. In past 2 weeks I spotted 3 places for the purpose. Two of them are in the city itself and another one is 1 and a 1/2 hour away. But what ever knowladge I have been able to collect for the places is as different and intereguing as the places themselves.

Place one is in a posh colony. In the core of a busy street, yhere stands a house which was once owned by a Bengali tantric. There is a small temple of mother goddess in there. The owner dead long back, children all settled abroad, now the house reamins empty. The night guard once called the police in mid night saying that there is someone in the house who is shouting badly and when the polive arrived the empty house was searched but nothing was found. Similarly once or twice sound of anklets was also heard on few occasions.

The another location in the city lies in the oldest part and is said to built when the city was founded, nearly 275 years back or so. This is an old haveli or mansion which was inhabited till mid 90s by the descendents. Some parts are falling down but still the building is in condition to inhabitate people. First it had open area around it, in acres but as the residents started moving out of there, they gave away some of the open lands to people who wanted to start up something new. Still the premises of the mansion has two or three houses and rows of rooms remained, where the maids with their family and workers and the supervisors lived. Basically, it was a staye house. One of it the famous company for auto lights, was started here and they still thrive their believing it to be their luckiest place.

Third place situated 1 and a half hour away from the city os again the ruling chief palace and is said to have some nicest wall murals of that time and the paint is still shining and its said there is lot ro see in that place. Its totally empty and abandoned. There are lot of stories making rounds, which I think can be known after we visit there.

I will try to cover the places before I leave Jaipur. And will try to cover as many places I can. Will start shoot from tomorrow. Hope I will not disappoint you.

15 years back.

In my home town where I have lived since my birth till my marriage, today will tell you tje story or say will show you a house in the locality where I libed for more then 15 years.

This is not something historic or that important but surely must have been a dream house for someone who libed there. Don’t know what trick time played over them that they had to leave the house and go.

As far as I know the house was occupied by a happy family. And they were there even till 2010 when I last visited one of my mom’s friend who lived in that family’s neighbourhood. Since my mom expired the same year I didn’t have the reason to go that side till yesterday. My daughter wanted to join damce classes for her summer holidays and the one I found was coincidentally adjecent to the house in question.

And when I went to pick my daughter I noticed the house but was shocked. Why?! The house I remembered was no where to ne seen. What met my eyes was a ruin, a total mess. When I tried to ask my mom’s friend her family was not available.

I couldnot stop myself from going in. And what I found there was nothing but the emptyness and silence to greet me. 3/4 th percent of the house has fallen down.

Front of the house…with all the stones piled up in front. Gate had a lock so I went in through the place whee the wall had collapsed. Inside it was all filled with waste. Where once master bedroom would have been, today only stands one wall.

The drawing roomm was filled with coir of mattress like stuff. Some marks were visible on the wall the tell tale marks of the once furniture gracing the place.

The entry door to the room was again closed so took the side door which was broken. On entering I was standing near the kitchen. It was bit dark inside and I didnt have my camera so took the pics from my tablet.

This is kitchen from inside and below is the the kitchen from the backyard.

The guest room’s left with only a door which was tightly closed and adjecent to it was the main entrance grill door.

The backyard was too filled with the debris. Only one thing atttacted my attention there, a big stuffed toy bunny in pink.

The door from the backyard to the sideway was half open but blocked by debris so again had to go through the side door.

I dont know why but was having a very sad feeling in there. I tried to make out what could have brought down the once lively house into this shumble, that too in such a short period.

Even after comming back home I was not out of my thoughts. Seeing such things is sure to make you think about the strength and power of time and fleetingmess of life.


హాయ్ వన్ అండ్ అల్. అన్డర్ కి నా నమస్కారం. ఈ రోజు నుండి నేనెను మీతో కల్సి ఒక కొత్త ప్రయాణం స్టార్ట్ చెయ్యిపోతున్నాను. మిమ్మల్ని ప్రతి ఒక వీడియో లో నేను ఒక వదిలిపెట్టిన జాగాహ్ కి తీస్కపోగలంత.
ఆశిస్తున్నాము నేను ఎంత  ఆనందిస్తాను మీరు కూడా అంటే ఆనందిస్తారు. నేను మీ ఆనందం కోసం బయిట కష్ట పడ్తా మీరు మన వీడియోలను చూసి ఆనందించండి. మన ఈ జర్నీ ముందుకు సాగుతుంది. మీ ప్రేమతో, ఆశీర్వాదాలుతో మొట్టమొదటిది తెలుగు ఉర్బ్స్ ఛానల్ పెరుగుతున్నఉన్తది.

Elagandal Fort and Mosque

148 km, that is 1 hour and 40 minutes approximately away from the capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad, lies a city of Warangal. Which once was a seat of Kakatiya dynasty ruling the vast area of present day AP and Telangana.

Here lies a small village of Elagandal. This city too was a big commercial and strategic center back then. The hill fort also known as Veligandula, was built during the times of Kakatiyas and controlled and ruled by Recharla Padmanaykas.


This is the entrance door for the fort.

Below are the different parts of the fort.


The ruin of courtyard.


Steps to upper palace.


closer look of the steps.

There was a rock lying aside the steps somewhere in middle, a closer look of it.

20170902_163950 May be used for some unknown purpose.

Some sort of structure. No room in it but only a space cut out and some steps going up, nothing more. This is one of the structures I found atop the hill.


20170902_165559This is an ancient temple built in rocks. There were some steps going up, but I was told not to climb up as Hindus believe one should not stand on the roof of temple as its equal to stand over the head of almighty. This is also the proof that it was under Hindu control. But in 16th centuary this place came under control of Qutubshahis and after that it came under control of Mughals.

This place had eight entrance doors but only two of them are standing. There were two massive wells and some other small ground level wells for the supply of water in the fort, at present the wells are completely dry.

There was a palace for the queens, stables, ammunition hall, mosques and jail, Neelkantheswara temple once at the second level of the fort. After climbing many steps I reached atop the hill and found one more temple, tanks, cannon and a masjid with swinging minarets, as a proof that it came under control of Qutubshahi and Mughal dynasties.


Mosque with swinging minarets.


Tanks and bastions.


Ruins of Jail over taken by nature



remains of queen’s palace

Another mosque found in the village which was not used for a long period. But is still a beauty to look at. The carving of the minarets is noticeable, the arches over the gallery connecting the two minarets and one behind the left minaret are worth seeing.




20170902_175908 (2)

Once a synonym of strength and power, now lies in ruins. Not known to many and left to shamble to pieces, this place does speak for itself and the time it had been into power. The knowledge of the people of that time for storing and supplying water, architecture, security and strategic thought process, now remains in bits.